EMALLA ELIOT premium cartridge needle




1.The back blister paper is easy to open
2. Accurate Slot design fits 99% of pen machines
3.The membrane inside is not easy to pull apart
4. Membrane with 4 Thickened Bars more durable
5. Soft and Strong Flexibility Membrane Material
6. Needles are more sharp and neat under the microscope
7. Medical PC Material for the shell
8. Needle inside fits the tips perfectly, easy to install
9. Square designed plastic bar fixes needles stably
10. 3 layers membrane, avoid the ink back flowing
11. The tip is small for round liner size that easy for lining
12. The shell design increase friction,easy to install
13. Individual packages are all sterilized with EO GAS
14. High Quality Lead-free Soldering Japan-made Steel Needles

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