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TRILLIUM wireless tattoo

TRILLIUM?WIRELESS TATTOO PEN Compatible with all the cartridge needles on the market. Pen motor: MATSU B5 motor & 10000 RPM. Pen N.W.: 180g. With jump start function. Material: Aircraft aluminum. Operating voltage: 5-12V. Wireless power: 5 hours run time & 2 hours charging time. Pen set include: 1pc pen w/1.4" aluminum grip, 1pc 1.1" aluminum grip, 1pc 1.25" aluminum grip, 1pc 1.25" disposable grip, 1pc 1.35" disposable grip and 1pc USB charging cord(adapter not included).


UltraDerm Tattoo Film

Brand -?Ultraderm Purpose -?Keep your tattoo clean and help with healing. Sizes Available -?Available in 2 different size rolls. 15 cm or 20 cm wide and 8 yards long. We also have 2 flat sheets size which come in packs of 10 sheets per box with size: 15 cm x 20 cm, & 20 cm x 25 cm . All Ultraderm can be cut to your preference. Product Info - Enhanced Tattoo Healing -?Wounds heal faster and better when they



Double effect professional airbrush. -0.3 mm. needle and nozzle set up, that offers a fine pulverization and a good precision. -Working pressure: 15/30 psi. -Air inlet connection: 1/8? male. -5 c.c. deposit to use any paint quantity, but maintaining the advantage of an easy cleaning and color change. -Needle closing and packing made of Teflon. -Highly precise and smooth air and product valve.



Double effect professional airbrush. 0.3 and 0.5 mm. needle and nozzles, that offer a fine spraying from a high precision to a large spray pattern. 22 c.c. suction deposit with fast change system. Ideal for changing color in an instant. Recommended for jobs such as shirts and RC. In general, bigger size jobs. Air inlet connection: 1/8? male