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QUATAT EVORA short pen Can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Compatible with Cheyenne, QUATAT cartridges, and the major cartridges in the market. Stroke: 3,5 mm, Diameter: 30mm Aircraft aluminum Connection: RCA Propulsion: High Quality Coreless Precision Motor. PRM range: 8V-10000rpm Running Volt :1.5v, working volt :5-11v, Max. volt:12v

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QUATAT S1 professional

QUATAT S1 Stroke: 3,5 mm Aircraft CNC aluminum Connection: RCA Propulsion: High Quality Coreless Precision Motor. PRM range: 8V-9000rpm Running Volt :1.5v working volt :5-8v Max volt:9v Compatible with Cheyenne Cartridges and most of the cartridges in Market. very powerful machine smooth shading , lining and color packing


QUATAT tattoo edge

Super Light &Tough. 1. Light weight construction to lessen hand fatigue. 2. Length: 2 Meters. 3. Consists of 40 copper conductor wires with a premium grade rubber coating for longevity and durability. 4. High quality construction to ensure a stable connection at all times. 5. Available in 3 Configurations: Straight (RCA-I), 90 Degrees (RCA-L), And coil machine clip cord.



QUATAT VIPER LUXURY SLR Hand Touch Tattoo Power Supply. *Power Pack Size: 77*127*25mm *Input voltage: 100-240V *Output voltage: 1.5-18V *Output current: 0-3.4A *3.4 Amps strong current support. *8 different screen display colors can be set. *Two display modes. *6 memory voltages. *Jump start function, can be turned off. *Pedal free function. *Timer and calculate fee function. *Strong magnet base.



Quicktrays make your set-up times faster and cleaner. They combine ink cups, rinse cups and cartridge holders all into one. Cartridge Slots keep your tattoo needle cartridges organized with the option to keep your needles wet with the built-in reservoir feature Two Rinse Cup reservoirs 12 Ink Cup reservoirs Glide Ointment reservoir CONTENT :50pcs/pack


RADICAL premium wireless

Radical Wireless Pedal Wireless?Yes Range?10+ Feet Battery Life?100+ Hours Colors?Copper or Bronze Included:?Radical Wireless Pedal, Receiver, & CR2477 Lithium Coin Battery This Radical Foot pedal is wireless, and use s receiver that connects to your power supply. The receiver uses (2) AAA Battery. The Foot Pedal uses a Lithium Coin Battery (CR2477) the pedal battery will last 100+ hours. The range of the pedal is 10+ Feet. The receiver will need to be turned off when not in use or


Radical pulse tattoo

Radical Pulse Rotary Pen Machine This machine is compatible with all makes of cartridge needles on the market today, Hand assembled and made from space grade aluminium also CNC machined. Motor and Max RPM?- 13V Mabuchi Motor. Machine Connection?- RCA Connection. Pen Power Cord?- RCA Cord included. Also Included?- 2 Replacement O rings and a carry case. Weight and Length?- 4.5oz and 4.6 inch". Warranty?- 1 year manufacturer warranty.



The two key products of the professional airbrush and all the complements in a hard case. Equipped with top quality accessories: -?PREMIUM 475?R5/0,5 spray gun with accessories (1 mm. fluid nozzle, air-cap, quick connector, fluid needle and accessory tool). -?XTech 500?airbrush with paint cup, tool, rack and two fully-equipped deposits. - High quality braided air hose for airbrushes.


Silicon ninja grip

Silicone Ninja Grips The Ninja grips are manufactured using high quality, non-porous, autoclavable rubber. This creates a soft cushion material between your fingers and the grip. The grips are also effective in absorbing machine vibrations to reduce the strain on your hand. Fully autoclavable and available in two sizes: Medium (15mm) and Large (25mm)


SKULL DNA 300°Adjustable

Details: 300°Adjustable Tattoo Workstation -300°adjustable -Multiple angles can be adjusted, more suitable for different work needs of tattoos. -Tray size: 400(L) x 300(W) x 10(H) x 1(thickness) mm -Adjustable height range: 700-1150mm -Adjustment angle is about 300°