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portable armrest/legrest

Description: This is a tattoo armrest / leg rest cushion which will make your tattoo work more convenient and easier. It can be adjusted from 70cm to 112.5cm to meet your tattoo need, and ergonomics design for adjusting the armrest to any angle. High quality cushion material, durable metal desk legs, soft and comfortable for arm or leg rest. Tattoo tripod stand armrest is portable and can be folded down that is easy to store and carry, easy to install.


Portable Ipad&ink holder

Portable Ipad/Ink Holder WILL NOT FIT THE IPAD PRO 12.9 inch When space is paramount and you want everything close at hand,these holders are a perfect addition to your studio,also perfect for convention use. Lightweight and study,you can choose from the Ipad clamp holder,or the multi use Ipad and Ink tray holder,so you have both options if needed. CLAMP THEM NEAR ON YOUR ARMREST AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE,BUT ALSO ANYTHING WHERE THE CLAMP WILL BE EFFECTIVE Choose witch ever


Powerful hummingbird Bronc

Powered by Swiss Motor,Motor speed :13000/m? High frequency and high power - Stroke length: 3.70MM &3.2MM -Built-in damping adjustment for more precise adjustment. -The softness and hardness of the needle can be adjusted freely to meet different working needs, Liner& Shader can be easily switched. -Efficient and advanced new drive system is better than HAWK Pen, giving people the ultimate silent experience and best heat dissipation - The pen spring can be easily disassembled and assembled in 1 minute without


Premium Silicone Tattoo

The ink caps are made of high quality, non-toxic silicone that can be sterilized. It is non-toxic and odorless. The suction cup base design is usable not only on smooth surfaces, but also on rough levels. Features: Available in 4 different colors Food grade silicone Non-toxic, odor free Can be sterilized from 175 ? C to 280 ? C Patented suction cup base design Size: 22 ? 12 mm


Professional Plastic Tattoo

Plastic Disposable Piercing Tools Pliers ,clamp Works Great For For All Sorts Of Piercings Including Tongue, Belly, Nipple, Eyebrows, Lip, Nose, Etc. A Must For Every Professional Piercing Kit. Save on Autoclave Expenses Go Disposable.


Professional tattoo camera

Showing off your work is as important as the work itself. So you want to make sure you are able to take the best pictures. With the AVA PRO Light Kit you will be able accomplish this. With this kit you can easily adjust the light the position that works best with you. The light also has 2 diffuser: White & Sepia.


Proton Dual Output

Proton Dual Output digital power supply with 3 different type of foot pedals & Clip or RCA power cord. Proton power supply is super compact and only weighs 9.5-oz. Adjustment knob allows you to fine tune your voltage up to 18-Volts and up to 1 decimal. AV Voltage 80-250V Only



.A permanent drawing agent that can be applied with a brush, pen or can be used to refill our markers. Before application, prepare and degrease the skin. Developed in collaboration with Dmitry Zhernov (Uglyx)

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QUATAT Aluminum Adjustable

*QUATAT Adjustable Cartridge Grips, Tune 0-5 mm needle output. *Machined out of aircraft aluminum using our 5 axis CNC machine- *Hand polished for an ultra smooth finish. *Autoclavable. *Anodized for strength and finish. *Back stem is made from medical grade stainless steel with a satin finish. *Will fit all standard coil or rotary machines. *Lightweight grip gives the overall feel of weightlessness great for WRIST HEALTH. *Compatible with most cartridges in market. *Custom Designed grip gives the most comfortable and

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DIVINE EOS CARTRIDGE MACHINE Stroke: 3,5 mm Aircraft aluminum Connection: RCA Propulsion: High Quality Coreless Precision Motor. PRM range: 8V-9000rpm Running Volt :1.5v working volt :5-8v Max volt:9v Can work with disposable cartridge grips and adjustable aluminum grips. Note : machine come without adjustable grip *ADD Aluminium adjustable grip 40$.