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Super Ink Mixer

SUPER INK MIXER The Super Ink Mixer is the right tool to mix different tattoo inks efficiently and hygienically in the ink caps to a homogeneous color. The blender from stainless steel is simply put on and already can be mixed. Features: Mixes tattoo inks efficiently and hygienically Easy to handle Two different lengths of blender sticks made of stainless steel (50 mm and 100 mm) Powerful, Can use into ink bottle direct with long stick. Stainless steel stick can


T2 RCA machine

Specs:The mono plug and RCA plug is gold plated and injection molded to the copper cord to insure the best and strongest connection possible. Cord is 7.5 Feet Long


T2-repairing tattoo film

1.Material: from Japan,  Latex free and hypoallergenic. 2.Function:    It will provide superior tattoo aftercare for you. Keeps out water, dirt, and germs yet lets skin breathe. Speeds up healing and reduces scabbing. Light and flexible for ultimate comfort. 3.Size:  15cm(wide)*500cm(Length)/Roll, could cut to fit any size tattoo. 4.Packing:  Red/Purple/Green/Blue/yellow


TAT TECH compact

TAT TECH ARMREST (Small Size) Armrest Pad Size: 12 inch x 7.5 inch Adjustable Height: 23 inch to 40 inch Armrest Weight: 4lbs Pad Adjustment: The pad has a special ball joint which allows you to fully control the rotation of the armrest pad. Product Info: This armrest is great for traveling and for tattoo shows. Breaks down into 2 pieces and really light weight. This armrest is also durable and can handle daily use in any tattoo shop

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Tat Tech Ergonomic

Brand -?TAT TECH Ergonomic Design -?Yes Available Colors -?Red, & Black Stool Height -?20" to 27" inch tall. Stool Backrest -?1" to 10" inch (from upright position) Stool Weight -?19lb Maximum Weight -?250 lbs Reclinable Backrest -?Yes Product Info -?This stool is specially designed to keep the blood circulated in your lower body. This will allow you to work longer and more comfortably. The stool also has a adjustable back rest. You can adjust how far your backrest leans back

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LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp This lamp uses Super Bright, Energy Efficient, and Adjustable LEDs. Everything can also be controlled with the remote control. The LEDs have 5 Brightness adjustments. The LEDs have 5 Colors adjustments ranging from: Soft White to Natural. The Lamp Stands 69" inch tall when the lamp is standing vertically. . When the lamp is angled horizontally like it would normally be when it is in use it will stand about. 45" inch tall. The


TAT TECH tattoo

This is the 2nd version of this Clip Lamp. Now includes a longer bendable neck and brighter LEDS. The Tat Tech Smart Clip Lamp allow you to turn off and on your lamp with a quick tap. This lamp is compact and weighs less then 1lb. Great for traveling artist that need good light for tattoo shows. Dimmable LED by just placing your finger on the sensor for a few seconds. Please watch out Demo Video for more info. The


TAT TECH tattoo

The Tat Tech Workstation is the perfect set up for any tattoo artist. This metal rolling work station is made from steel with a black matte paint finish. This workstation has a large counter to work, and additional side table. Check the list below of all the options that come with the workstation. Workstation Size with wheels?- 29.25" (H) x 38" (W) x 13" (D) inch Workstation Size with no wheels and attachments?- 26.5" (H) x 24.5" (W) x 13"

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New Tat Tech Rolling Tray Station Made from Medical Grade Stainless Steel Product Info: Removable Tray Size:?17" in (W) x 12" in (L) x 0.75" in (H) Special Note: Tray can be removed from rolling base Adjustable Height:?23" in to 36" in tall Weight:?14.6 lbs


TAT TECH workstation

TAT TECH Portable & Collapsible Tattoo Work Station. Brand -?Tat Tech Table Top Dimension -?13 inch x 18.5 inch Ink Pan Holder Dimension -?1.75 inch x 2.5 inch x 18.5 inch Adjustable Height -?24 inch to 42 inch. Total Weight -?9lbs Product Info -?This workstation is portable and collapsible. Comes in 3 Parts: table top, collapsible legs/base, & detachable Ink pan holder. You can easily assemble it in 2-3 min. Great for any tattoo studio and a must have for